About Us

We are an Indigenous clothing brand based in northern Alberta. Our brand is for everyone who supports Indigenous culture; whether you are Indigenous or non-Indigenous, you are more than welcome to shop and purchase from us !

"As an Indigenous growing up in Canada, I never felt my identity was represented in the clothing I saw on TV, in stores, in my community, or in my closet. Through realizing I have the power to change that for myself and future generations, Kiwetin Clothing was born. My hope with this clothing line is to showcase Indigenous culture in a positive way. By mixing in aspects of the surrounding landscape, I aim to create something uniquely Canadian for all Canadians". - Lorne Blesse. Jr Founder/Owner 

One of the central components of Indigenous culture is sharing and generosity, and so a central pillar this clothing line stands on is giving back to the community. Therefore, with every purchase from Kiwetin Clothing, 5% of net sales will be donated in support of the Breakfast Club of Canada.